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Hi, you found my blog, Taste of Nusa. A little short introduction just so you know who’s behind all the stuff you find here.

About Taste of Nusa

Before that, let me explain the meaning behind the word Nusa. Nusa is an Indonesian word that is derived from the Sanskrit language. It means islands and is mainly associated with tanah air or the homeland of Indonesia. Taste of Nusa is a culinary journey that pretty much reflects the authentic delicacies offered by various regional culinary traditions that formed the archipelagic nation of Indonesia.

Although Indonesian food has captivated the interest of many foodies across the world, the country still lacks the culinary credentials it deserves. Considering the enormous geographic and cultural diversity across the archipelagos, it is evident that Indonesian cuisine is rich in variety and taste. I believe that Indonesia has a lot more to offer than the commonly known dishes. My mission here is to help more people get to know Indonesian foods and also introduce less-exposed regional cuisines to a broader audience.

About The Author

My name is Jacinta and my friends call me Jaja. I am a Chinese Indonesian living in Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently, I am a full-time blogger, writer, recipe developer, and photographer for Taste of Nusa and Jaja Bakes.

What I do is not only limited to testing out recipes only, but it also involves researching and experimenting with the recipes, cooking, taking and editing photos and videos, writing the stories, designing and maintaining the blog, monetizing, to marketing.

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