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Kenari Nut

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Kenari nut or also known as pili nut is a native nut from Indonesia with a similar shape to the almond, but with a taste like a cross of cashew and Macadamia nut.

kenari nuts or pili nuts

Other Names

  • Pili nut (pronounced ‘peeley’)
  • Java almond
  • Canarium vulgare
  • Canarium indicum

What is Kenari Nut?

Kenari nut is a tear-shaped nut that comes from a species of tropical tree belonging to the genus Canarium. Native to tropical countries in Southeast Asia, the nut is similar in size and shape to the almond and is often dubbed the world’s hardest nut to crack. 

kenari nuts or pili nuts

What Do Kenari Nuts Taste Like?

When consumed raw, kenari nuts have a light flavor reminiscent of sunflower seeds. After roasting, they become nuttier and buttery. They taste like a cross between cashews and Macadamia nuts.


For the best results, store the kenari nuts in a cool, dry place for up to 6 months. For extended shelf life, store them in the refrigerator.


If you need a substitute for kenari nuts, the most similar flavor and texture would be macadamia nuts. Other alternatives include blanched almonds and cashews.

Recipes with Kenari Nuts

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