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You will find ovalette used in many Indonesian cake recipes. This particular ingredient helps the eggs to rise rapidly and keep the batter stable throughout baking.


What is Ovalette?

Ovalette is a stabilizer used in baking sponge cakes. It helps the eggs to rise rapidly and stiffly. As it is acidic it also helps the beaten eggs to remain stable and not lose the airy and voluminous texture. It also makes sponge cake softer and smoother, improving the overall texture of cakes and baked goods.

Can You Omit Ovalette?

Yes, you can. However, I don’t really recommend omitting it because the whipped eggs tend to deflate so much faster without ovalette.

If you have ever made a genoise-style sponge cake before, you will realize how tricky it is to keep the batter light and airy. Overmixing and leaving the batter way too long on the counter will deflate the batter. Adding ovalette will make the batter stable and sturdier, so you won’t have to worry about those problems.

Where to Buy?

This ingredient can be hard to find offline, but you can try your luck at a well-stocked baking supply store. If you can’t find any, you can buy Koepoe-koepoe emulsifier online on Amazon.

Recipes with Ovalette

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